Acknowledgements & Appreciation


At the suggestion of my friend Susan Nimbley and to heal some unconscious wounds, I took art therapy classes and discovered the joys of painting and drawing.

Flowers were my first subjects of exploration: inspired by their form and colour, these paintings revealed to me the symbolism and healing powers of flowers.


My abstract astrology sign paintings likewise took me to a greater understanding of the manifestation of astrology in our lives and our mythos. My paintings can be found in private collections around the globe.

Please see more about Susan at

I am grateful to Alan Oken for allowing me to use his sign descriptors. You might enjoy reading Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology (Nicholas Hays, 2006)

I like the vibration of these sentences and would not add anything else to the photos on my web page.

I have grown with my studies under Sébastien Michel (click on his name to visit his website)

I also must mention Kishori Aird  with whom I studied kinesiology and dna (again, click on her name to visit her site) .

Thanks also to Lyshastra of for the galaxy image used at the head of my pages.